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One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs to sabotage your business processes. We identify the associated threats to your business and provide complete protection from any possible harm. Additionally, we ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your business requirements.

We protect information assets through next-generation cybersecurity services, security products, and solutions developed by the Research & Development team. ManageX aims to assess and protect critical information, applications, systems, network, and IT operations with advanced cybersecurity services to make the IT environment; reliable and risk-free. ManageX vast cybersecurity services portfolio supports our customers on multiple levels. Please get in touch so we can advise based on the needs of your organization. We have listed few incredible bundles below, which come under three main categories:

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Security Assessment

Security Assessment

ManageX provides Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to help you immediately discover security lapses within your infrastructure.

Security Operation Center

Security Operation Center

ManageX SOC-as-a-Service allows our customers immediately deploy resources who use industry leading SIEM solutions to begin monitoring your devices.

Code Review

Code Review

Get access to certified cloud resources to immediately setup your CI/CD pipelines, deploy container environments and optimize your infrastructure.

Certified Team

As soon as you launch a project, ManageX assigns the best resource for you within 15 minutes. Your engineer reviews your project details and gets in touch with you to kick things off.


Security Operation Center 24/7 Security

Our CIO’s dashboard provides you with granular visibility into project tasks and milestones. ManageX allows you to stay informed about where your project is and how near it is to completion.

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