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ManageX, backed by VaporVM, is a top-notch platform for solving mission-critical roadblocks and problems from Medium to Large Enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

ManageX Values

Solution Come First

Your Solution is our #1 priority. We aim to maximize business success by delivering highest standard of service for your business

Communication is Essential

Communication is as basic as oxygen to human and revenue for business. We strive to make it simple, friction less and easy for everyone

A Borderless World

Our Engineers and Support has no borders We work to serve everyone with any device, in any corner of the world

Kick-off in minutes

Unlike the traditional method where process and hurdles kills the motivation and focus we strive to start your project in minutes

Hire Certified Talent

Our talented Engineers are top-notch and reliable thus gives you sense of fullfillment and peace of mind that your problems is in safe hands


Change is flexible. Every day, new cyber-threats appear. So must your company's cybersecurity strategy! Change aims to improve your company's cybersecurity. Your company's cybersecurity strategy must be continually updated to protect against new cyber threats


Most companies have security policies that employees must follow when accessing their IT systems. Adherence to these standards is audited. You must enforce your cybersecurity policy. Your cybersecurity plan should include compliance


Coverage shows the scale of your company's IT infrastructure. Larger IT infrastructures are often more vulnerable to cyber threats. Coverage represents the extent of your IT infrastructure. But coverage can change. As your company develops, so may your coverage.


The expense of a cybersecurity strategy is also critical. The term "cost" refers to the amount of money your business currently spends on cybersecurity and the amount it wants to spend in the future. Certain businesses spend $10,000 per year on security. Others exceed $100k. When designing a cybersecurity plan, it is critical to consider both past and future costs.


Continuity is critical in cybersecurity. IT UNDERSTANDS CONTINUITY So, what is it? The plan for “continued” business operations in the event of a tragedy. When it comes to cybersecurity, continuity deals with issues like hacking and ransomware. You must ensure that your business can survive an IT calamity.

About ManageX

ManageX, backed by VaporVM, is a top-notch platform for solving mission-critical roadblocks and problems from Medium to Large Enterprises to Fortune 500 companies that deals in any verticals. It is built with the vision of reduce cost and optimize operation in quickest possible way thus the solution delivery lead time easily bypass all the red tapes and get the work done by increasing productivity at every level. What’s even better? Simply select the services you need, and you’ll get a competitive quote on the spot. ManageX’s flexible contracts also allow you to onboard IT professionals for short and long-term engagements through an aggressively competitive pricing model.

Rely on us in providing you with best vetted talent in Cloud Computing, Platforms or IT Assets Managed Services, Next-Gen Data Analytics, DevOps Engineering, and Information & Forensic Security. Our pool of certified resources are skilled in the leading cloud technologies including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and GCP.

Engage with the right troubleshooter delivering your success. Explore today at to learn more!

Who We Are ?

Your Problem Solver

The traditional approach in dealing with the problem generally took a longer lead time towards conclusion and resolution. Due to this fact, the turnaround value of wastage and damages is worth billions of $ due to an incident that could be safe if we act quickly. ManageX makes sure that we address your problem and save your business value as quickly as possible!

Your Solution Partner

Solving problems together is fun! Our best-of-class professional team is there to provide you round-the-clock service by making sure that you are getting the value of your trust in us. For us, the partnership is not going to be temporary filling our promise is a strong business bond and unbreakable partnership because we understand the meaning of best companion to develop the win-win situation and solving problems together.

Our Strength

Our strength is our decade-old experience and exposure to the variety of use cases, situations and risks from which we had to learn and grown ourselves to a level where we guide you for your best of business interest. Our certified professionals are equipped with the industry’s gold standards, best practices and strong vendor-specific domain knowledge to provide you best of class services

Stay up to date, plan and collaborate in real time

Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to the cards. Collaborate on projects from beginning to end. We’ve got the flexibility & features to fit any team’s style.

Disrupting Collaboration with flash speed

The ManageX platform helps businesses turn down lead time from days to minutes to solve their problems, start their projects or hire the best talent.

SME, Fintech, Banks & Gov Organization

ManageX covers everyone. It enables customers in dozen of industries around the world to solve there problems

Global Presence

ManageX has global presence in order to serve our customer round the clock

Decade years of experience

ManageX has over decade’s experience making sure that our top-notch talent delivering top-notch value to the business

We empower clients to grow their businesses based on the effective use of technology

We can evaluate, design and execute the right technology strategies that will help your business operate at peak performance.