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Our Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) will facilitate monitoring and analyze the real-time threat to your IT infrastructure. Our goal is to detect, analyze, and respond to the threats using a combination of our well-defined processes and certified engineers. Our key capabilities are flexible and can meet your business needs on various levels.


24 x 7 Security Operations Centers

Our NOC and SOC services offer 24√ó7 performance and service availability monitoring. Monitoring alerts and events reported by devices, troubleshoot, recommend remedial action and provide rapid response to incidents. Along with, we Provide operations trend analysis and correlation reports of operations data, for previous months vs. current month.


24/7 Support

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Asset discovery

To manage your earnings and make withdrawals

Intrusion Detection

You can talk freely with the customers

Incident Response

You don't have to worry about invoices and billing

Log Management

Don't get lost in your tasks anymore aith our built in tracker

Compliance Based Reporting

You don't have to do your time tracking anymore, use ours.

Email Based Alerts

Evaluate your work and perfs by using built in reports

Security Device Tuning

Showcase progress to customers using a set of design tools

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