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ManageX Features

Track your project right from your Screen

Every time you log in you don’t need to sneak around to know what is going on about your problem. Our focused screen lets you view progress on your projects. You can download the reports that have been uploaded by our team of professionals, view the subtasks and check the performance of your project right on the same screen.

Connect via live video call

Want to brief you about your problem’s solution? Finding more convenient to talk with the troubleshooter? We provide you unmatched experience to connect with your solution provider without having any hopping around the screens.

Multiple services can be selected

Select services of your choice, you can opt up for more services in case you need more services through our platform. In this way, the process of acquiring a solution will be easier than the conventional approach. Besides our support is always there for you!

Immediate resource allocation

When the problem was reported, and the project created for you the resource allocation at our side took absolutely no time in mobilization. Our smart approach is resource allocation should be in minutes and we are still figuring to turn them into seconds. Smart resource allocation helps customers to deal only with their concern troubleshooter carrying relevant domain knowledge.

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